By Hilton Head Dental
August 27, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Dental ImplantLosing a tooth can be a great blow to your self-esteem and it can also compromise your overall dental health. Luckily it's a problem that has a number of solutions, including dental implants. If you're a good candidate, this is the ideal choice if you want a whole tooth replacement that will look and feel natural. Let a dentist at Hilton Head Dental Team in Hilton Head Island, SC close the gap in your smile using a dental implant.

The Difficulties of Tooth Loss
Missing a tooth can cause you to miss out on a number of conveniences. For instance, it makes eating more challenging because you can't chew your food as thoroughly. You may have to pause to remove large chunks of food from between your teeth while eating, which can be embarrassing. When a tooth is missing at the front of the mouth, you may find yourself hiding your smile from the world, which can negatively affect your self-confidence. Losing a tooth could also make you less motivated to maintain good oral hygiene. It's best to get that tooth replaced as soon as possible.

Why You Should Choose Dental Implants
Dental implants are a superior choice for tooth replacement when you consider the benefits. It will be a permanent fixture, providing your smile with support and stability for many years. You won't have to revisit your Hilton Head Island, SC dentist periodically to have the implant adjusted (as is the case with a denture device). There's also a reduced risk of bone loss in the jaw.

A Complete Smile
Preserving the health and stability of your implant (as well as your other teeth) is key to the long-term success of this procedure. To protect your teeth from future tooth loss, consider the following tips:

- Play your favorite two-minute long song while brushing. Consider investing in an electric toothbrush.
- Floss once a day. Flossing significantly reduces the chance of developing gum disease.
- Address any issues with bruxism with your Hilton Head Island, SC dentist, as clenching too tightly can put too much pressure on dental implants. Wearing a protective appliance may help.

Dental Implantation May Help Your Smile
Assuming you have ample bone tissue, you might make the perfect candidate for dental implants, a treatment offered at Hilton Head Dental Team in Hilton Head Island, SC. Call (843) 681-9666 today to have your smile examined by Dr. Julie Camp-Tome, Dr. Benjamin Wietecha, or Dr. M. Glenn Barker.