Teeth Whitening Gives You Something to Smile About

Teeth WhiteningYour teeth are likely the first thing people notice. What kind of impression are yours making?

Whitening your teeth is an easy, quick and cost-effective way of renewing your smile. It should be no surprise that Americans are spending $1.4 billion annually on teeth whitening products and procedures. It turns out that brightening your smile with whitening treatments not only improves your appearance, it can change how other people view your personality. Learn how the family dentists at Hilton Head Dental Team in sunny South Carolina help put your smile in the spotlight.

First impressions

A recent dental industry survey had 89% of its respondents saying that an attractive smile offered a good first impression. Just the act of smiling is an indication of someone's character, according to 78% of the survey's participants.

If your teeth are dull, or stained, you might avoid smiling or lengthy conversations in an effort to hide them. Your problem then doubles: discolored teeth may project a negative image, but hiding your smile can give the impression that you're unapproachable.

Just one short whitening treatment from your Hilton Head family dentist will take your smile from well-worn to "wow!" so you'll have the confidence to smile and chat with everyone you meet. 


It's been estimated that 100 million Americans have used a dental whitening product. This popularity means they are easy to find and maintain a low cost. It's true that most dental professionals, including your Hilton Head family dentist, generally agree that over-the-counter treatments can be effective, but having an in-office procedure done offers the safest, fastest and most durable results. Products used at home aren't typically as potent as those in your Hilton Head family dentist's office, which means they'll need weeks or even months of use before results are seen. These products also put your sensitive gum tissue at risk for irritation. Trained professionals, like those at Hilton Head Dental Team, have your safety and comfort in mind. A barrier is placed on your gums to protect them before the procedure begins, which only takes about a half-hour to 45 minutes to complete, and the results are instantaneous.

Ready to make a fantastic first impression? Your Hilton Head family dentist can make it a reality!

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