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Would Sealants Work for My Child?

The team at Hilton Head Dental Team provide a number of services to patients, including preventative dentistry, at their Hilton Head pediatric dentistryIsland, SC, family dentist office. One preventative step to consider for a young child who now has their permanent teeth is a sealant treatment. Find out if sealants will work for your child and how this treatment can help ensure long-term dental health.

What Are Dental Sealants?
A sealant is substance commonly made of a resin mixture that is used to fill in the cracks and crevices of the back (molar) teeth so that they won’t be damaged by cavities and tooth decay. The sealant is strong and durable enough to stop sugar, food and liquids from settling into the “pits and fissures” of the teeth. It protects and guards the enamel against cavities and tooth decay.

Will a Sealant Treatment Work for Your Child?
Children are more susceptible to cavities because their teeth are still forming and because they tend to consume large amounts of sugar (including cereals, soda and candy). Kids also aren’t the best at brushing and flossing regularly. Sugar combined with poor dental care is a direct cause of cavity development. Cavities can do irreversible damage to their young teeth if they aren’t caught and treated early. A sealant treatment will help avoid this situation altogether—in fact, the ADA estimates that it reduces the risk of cavities by 80 percent.

The Sealant Appointment at Hilton Head Island​
The appointment to have a sealant applied is relatively fast and simple. Applying the sealant material is similar to “painting” the surface of the tooth. First, a preparatory solution is applied to ensure adhesion. Then the liquid sealant material is placed and hardened with a dental light tool. Right after the appointment, it's important to ensure your child stays away from sticky candy like taffy and also avoids hot or cold substances.

Schedule a Visit for Your Child
Now is the time to bring your child to your family dentist for preventative dentistry, including the application of dental sealants. Call (843) 681-9666 today to set a time to visit the Hilton Head Dental team in Hilton Head Island, SC.

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